What Is a Public?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “public” as a group of people having common interests or characteristics.

One of the publics that I am a member of is Southeastern University. Southeastern is a group of students who all have a common interest–learning. On top of that, at Southeastern all of the students have our faith in common. This is one of the main reasons I chose to become a part of this public. I knew that a University not centered around faith would not work for me because it’s important to be surrounded by people of like-faith. I think that being a part of this public helps me to focus on what I need to in my studies because I know that all of my fellow peers share something deeper than my desire for knowledge, they also share my desire to pursue my faith.

Another public that I am a part of is Facebook. The common interest that I have with all of my friends on Facebook is that we want to connect with each other on the internet. I started to use Facebook when my sister went to college four years ago. I found the website extremely helpful in that it allowed me to connect with my sister through messages and pictures more easily than e-mail. Eventually, I began to use Facebook to connect with even more of my friends and even persuaded some of them to join the website, and now I never even go a day without logging into my account.

A third public that I belong to is my church. Obviously, I have my faith in common with all of the members of my church, but beyond that, we all agree on what kind of preaching style we like and what kind of theology we agree on. I chose to be a part of my church because I enjoyed the main pastor’s preaching techniques and wanted to be a part of their mission: to lead people into a growing relationship with Christ.

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