Chapter 3: Ethics & Professionalism

Here are some notes from Chapter 3 of Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics (9th Edition):

  • The largest professional Public Relations organizations are The Public Relations Society of America, The International Association of Business Communicators, and The International Public Relations Association.
  • The three “basic value orientations” of ethics are (1) absolute, (2) existential, and (3) situational.
  • “Most national [P.R.] organizations place heavy emphasis on educating their members about professional standards rather than having a highly structured grievance process in place.”
  • A public relations professional should have (1) a feeling of independence, (2) a feeling of responsibility to their audience, (3) show concern for the profession of public relations, and (4) “have a higher loyalty to the standards of the profession and fellow professionals than to the employer of the moment.”
  • In order to set the bar higher for professionalism in public relations, accreditation programs have been put in place. It is essentially a process that they must go through in order to become certified by a national organization as a public relations practitioner.

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