Anybody Have A Time Machine?

If I could work in an era of public relations history in a time before I was born, I would choose the 1930s. What interests me about this time period so much is the use of music and movies to lift people out of the Great Depression. I once wrote a paper about how during the Great Depression, different kinds of media really started to take off due to the fact that people started looking for reasons to be happy outside of the comfort of their own home. I think it would be interesting to work in public relations in a time where the public would be so sensitive to everything you released.

As a public relations professional in the 1930s working for a music or movie company, I would definitely try and appeal to people as a way of escape, but not in an obvious way. In working for a particular movie company, I would try to appeal to people on a “funny” and “light-hearted level.” During those times, if you could show people that there was an escape from the Hell they found themselves living in, they would take it. I would love to be a part of a company that had that kind of responsibility to the public in such trying times.

I also think it would be interesting to work in public relations during the 1930s because of the war propaganda. Imagine working in America, where you have the freedom to use propaganda to either agree or disagree with your government, during a time where you are fighting in the second World War. It would be especially interesting because of the opposition–Nazi Germany. Reporters and companies alike made giant strides during this time period and I would have loved to be a part of it.

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