Time For Twitter

I have been using Twitter since the spring of 2009. At first, I had very few followers, seeing as I was a senior in high school and at the time it had not really caught on to people in my age group. As time went on, I found that more and more of my friends were  either making Twitter accounts, or had no idea what it was. Even if I convinced friends to make an account, it was very rare that they used their account on a regular basis.

In fact, I rarely used Twitter when I first made my account, but rather used it to keep up with my sister and a few close friends. Twitter started to change for me when I realized that you could follow celebrities and know that you were actually reading tweets that they personally wrote. I began to follow all of my favorite celebrities and comedians, including Jimmy Fallon, John Mayer (may his Twitter rest in peace), and my favorite, members of the Duke University men’s basketball team. This is when Twitter became interesting to me, and I actually started getting useful information out of it. Twitter also became more useful to me after I left home for my first year of college. It’s a way to easily keep up with all of my close friends and see what they’re up to, without having to engage in a two hour phone conversation.

In this past week, following Twitter users like CNN and Breaking News has really opened my eyes to following news sources on Twitter. Strangely enough, I never thought of using Twitter as a way to keep myself updated on real news, but I did use it for social news. Obviously, since I have been using Twitter for almost two years, I will be keeping my account and will make it a point to find new news and informational sources to follow.

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