Department or Firm? Where To Begin?

When beginning a career in the public relations field, I think that it is definitely a good idea to begin at a public relations department rather than a firm. I personally feel that you should get a job at a department, work your way up, gain experience, and then take that experience and use it at a firm if you decide that’s what you want to do. Working at an organization is a great way to come in contact with a number of different publics and really establish yourself in the field of public relations with companies and possibly make a name for yourself. It’s also a great way to gain experience in management.

I would like to work in a department in the United States, most likely close to home and then after that use my experience to get a job at a firm in another industrialized nation. I think it’s necessary to have experience in order to perform many of the services provided by a public relations firm. Services such as executive speech training, crisis communication, events management, and branding and corporate reputation. Public Relations firms are more common in “metropolitan” areas, major cities, and major capitals. In other words, their actions are performed on a global platform, which gives me all the more reason to want to work in another area of public relations before taking on such a large task.

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