Before You Even Think About Getting A Job…

What are things that you generally have to do before even thinking about getting a job? Most importantly, you must have a resume! My public relations applications professor, Barbara Nixon (Public Relations Matters) shared a few tips with our class on how to get positive feedback from your resume this week. In our class, we learned that when filling out your resume, you must lock in on a position that you are qualified for. In other words, not only do you have to worry about being under qualified for a job, but also being over-qualified. Don’t look for what’s easy, look for what’s a perfect fit for you. We also learned that you should make the important things about your experiences and education stick out on your resume. In addition to that, you must be specific about your endeavors so far and about what makes you qualified for the job you want. Another key element to your resume is to make sure that it is free of grammatical and/or spelling errors.

Another subject we focused on in class was the format of your resume. The most common type of resume format is chronological, which basically puts your most recent experiences first and foremost, before your education, unless you are still attending school. The different sections on this resume would be objective, experience, education, and references. Another resume format is that of a functional resume. This puts more focus on the skills you have learned in your experiences as a professional. The different sections on this resume would be objective, accomplishments, employment, and education.We learned that you should make both kind of resumes and then go on to use them for different future employers.

Check out more tips on writing a resume/applying to a new job at these sites:


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