Here are some notes from Chapter 7 of Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics (9th Edition):

  • After research and planning, the third step in the public relations process is communication (or execution), also known as the “most visible part of public relations work.”
  • Five possible objectives for a communicator are: (1) message exposure, (2) accurate dissemination of the message, (3) acceptance of the message, (4) attitude change, and (5) change in overt behavior.
  • There are two kinds of audiences, passive and active. Passive audiences pay attention to a message solely because of its level of entertainment and the fact that it gives a diversion. Active audiences seek information, which means they already have interest in the subject.
  • The adoption process, or the process of a person accepting a new idea, is composed of five stages: (1) awareness, (2) interest, (3)evaluation, (4) trial, and (5) adoption. Factors that affect the adoption process according to Everett Rogers, are (1) relative advantage, (2) compatibility, (3) complexity, (4) trialability, and (5) observability.
  • Decisions audiences make are influenced by three different stages: (1) awareness stage, (2) interest stage, and (3) evaluation, trial, and adoption stages.

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