Chapter 8: Evaluation

Here are some notes from Chapter 8 of Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics (9th Edition):

  • Evaluation is the fourth step in the public relations process and it is the measurement of results against established objectives which are set during the previous step, planning.
  • Computerized news clip analysis, survey sampling, quasi-experimental designs, and surveying the relationship between efforts and sales are all ways in which public relations professionals have “made progress,” in evaluation measurement.
  • A few ways to measure supplemental activities are communication audits, pilot tests and split messages, meeting and even attendance, and newsletter readership.
  • Within measure newsletter readership, you can evaluate by way of content analysis, readership interest surveys, article recall, and advisory boards.
  • Ketchum’s Public Relations Effectiveness Yardstick:  Level 1 (Basic)- Measuring targeted audiences, impressions, and media placements. Level 2 (Intermediate)- Measuring retention, comprehension, awareness, and reception. Level 3 (Advanced)- Measuring behavior change, attitude change, and opinion change.

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