Thoughts On An Interview With Martin Waxman

This week, I watched an interview done through skype done by Barbara Nixon. She spoke to Martin Waxman, president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc. Watching this interview, I learned a lot about Public Relations in Canada, a subject that I had no previous knowledge on. I found it interesting that he said that public relations in Canada often trumps public relations in the United States. I know it seems naive to think that the United States reigns over all in any area since I have only lived and traveled throughout the U.S. for my entire life, but I only thought this way about public relations because Americans seem to be driven by media in every aspect of their lives.

What surprised me in this interview is that Waxman on top of being the president and co-founder of a major company, also works as an adjunct professor. We have talked in my Public Relations Applications class about the benefits of getting your masters degree in order to be able to be a college professor on the side. Having said that, I was thoroughly surprised that such an accomplished public relations professional also seek out a job as a professor.

I would have liked to learn more about Waxman’s passion for public relations. In my recent interview with Jennifer Villamil, one of the most rewarding things about interviewing her was listening to her talk about her passion for public relations. Obviously, Waxman also has a passion for it, considering the fact that on top of all of the work he tackles in his own company that he also has a desire to teach public relations to students. I think that it’s necessary to have a passion for public relations no matter what you’re doing in the field, because the profession is so demanding.



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2 responses to “Thoughts On An Interview With Martin Waxman

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  2. I think that it is neat how you can be a president and co-founder of a major organization and then also be an adjunct professor as well. To be able to bring al that experience and advice into the classroom and really love what you are teaching. I have had professors who loved what they taught and it made me love the subject too even though it was not my major. I might just get my master’s so I can teach as well.

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