An Intriguing Podcast

This week I checked out The Creative Career, a podcast by Allie Osmar. Osmar generally writes about the changes involved in the transition from being a student to being a professional in the communications world. She also gives tips on how to prepare for that professional world of communication arts, one that is changing every day.

Osmar’s podcast interview that struck me as particularly interesting and eye-opening was the podcast on Catherine Hudson, co-founder of Shorty Clothing and advertising extraordinaire. Listening to this interview really opened my eyes to my future, as well as the futures of my fellow classmates. Hudson started off her college career majoring in classical piano performance. After an epiphany and a few panic attacks, she realized that practicing the piano for several hours a day was not what she wanted to do with her life and became a double major-adding Business. This turned out to be a pivotal decision in her life considering that throughout her college years she was a band manager, which led to being a music writer at a magazine. After that, she decided to pursue advertising, and ended up working in the film industry. Hudson even produced a television show and ended up selling it to the Travel Channel. Finally, after working at a major ad agency for six years, she and a friend decided to co-found Shorty Clothing Company, which is where she is today.

I found listening to Hudson talk about her career and experiences incredibly inspiring. It reminded me that in the communications profession, you really are capable of accomplishing anything as long as you know what you want. I hope to some day be as accomplished as she is and earn such a respected position in the communications field. Her story showed me that as long as you gain experience in the field you desire to work in, meet the right people, and really hone in on your own skills, that you can become whatever you want, and that is something that is empowering just to hear.


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