Chapter 9: Public Opinion & Persuasion

Here are some notes from Chapter 9 of Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics (9th Edition):

  • “Public opinion is the collective expression of opinion of many individuals bound into a group by common aims, aspirations, needs, and ideals.
  • Sociologists describe opinion leaders as: (1) highly interested in a subject or issue, (2) better informed on an issue than the average person, (3) avid consumers of mass media, (4) early adopters of new ideas, and (5) good organizers who can get other people to take action.
  • The life cycle of public opinion includes (1) definition of the issue, (2) involvement of opinion leaders, (3) public awareness, (4) government/regulatory involvement, and (5) resolution.
  • Persuasion is used to (1) change/neutralize hostile opinions, (2) crystallize latent opinions and positive attitudes, and (3) conserve favorable opinions.
  • The most common propaganda techniques are known as (1) plain folks, (2) testimonial, (3) bandwagon, (4) card stacking, (5) transfer, and (6) glittering generalities.


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