Chapter 10: Conflict Management: Dealing With Issues, Risks, & Crises

Here are some notes from Chapter 10 of Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics (9th Edition):

  • Key components of conflict management are strategic, management, competition, and conflict.
  • The conflict management life cycle includes four phases:  (1) Proactive, (2) Strategic, (3) Reactive, and (4) Recovery.
  • Some suggestions for how to communicate during a crisis include putting the public first, being honest, not saying, “no comment,” being accessible, and being familiar with media needs and deadlines.
  • The three foundations of reputation are: (1) economic performance, (2) social responsiveness, and (3) the ability to deliver valuable outcomes to stakeholders.
  • Professor William Benoit of the University of Missouri gives five strategies for image restoration: (1) denial, (2) evade responsibility, (3) reduce offensiveness, (4) corrective action, and (5) mortification.


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