Chapter 11: Reaching A Multicultural & Diverse Audience

Here are some notes from Chapter 11 of Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics (9th Edition):

  • Emerging audiences in the American society include Catholic and Evangelical groups, the Gay/Lesbian community, the disability community, and women.
  • “The enormous impact of television on daily life has increased visual orientation, with many people obtaining virtually all of their news from the television screen.”
  • The three major age groups that require “special attention” are youth and young adults, baby boomers, and seniors.
  • Fernando Figueredo, head of the multicultural practice for Porter Novelli, gives five basic concepts that should be taken into account when developing a communications campaign for multicultural consumers: (1) Organize a team that understands the customs and values of the demographic groups that you are trying to reach. (2) Understand that consumers that have a diverse cultural background will respond better to messages that are “culturally relevant.” (3) Remember that consumers of diverse cultural backgrounds are incredibly loyal and most likely will be the same way with your products. (4) Use the first language of your audience. (5) Utilize spokespersons who represent the audience.


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