Chapter 14: News Releases, Media Alerts, & Pitch Letters

Here are some notes from Chapter 14 of Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics (9th Edition):

  • A news release is “a simple document whose primary purpose is the dissemination of information to mass media such as newspapers, broadcast stations, and magazines.”
  • Questions that you should ask before writing a news release, while in the planning stages, are:  (1) What is the key message? (2) Who is the primary audience for this release? (3) What does the target audience gain from the product or service? (4) What objective does the release serve?
  • When writing a news release, use the inverted pyramid structure because the editor won’t use your release if they do not find the first few lines interesting, they cut stories from the bottom, and readers usually don’t read the full story (unless they are intrigued by the beginning).
  • The purpose of a media kit is to “give editors and reporters a variety of information and resources that make it easier for the reporters to write about the topic.”
  • The five methods of news releases, photos, and media advisories are (1) first-class mail, (2) fax, (3) e-mail, (4) electronic wire services, and (5) Web-based newsrooms.

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