How To Do Business in England

Last week in my Public Relations Applications class, we participated in an exercise to learn about business etiquette in countries that we had never been to. My partner and I researched England, here are a few tips for conducting business there:

  1. Avoid wearing striped ties, most British regimental ties are striped and you may look like you are trying to imitate them.
  2. Shake hands with whoever you’re conducting business with, unless it’s a woman. If so, wait for her to initiate the hand-shake.
  3. Do not give gifts at your business meetings, they are not a part of business in England.
  4. Respect personal space and don’t ask personal questions.
  5. Do not rush the business man or woman you meet with to come to a decision on whatever subject you have discussed, the process is much slower in England than in the United States.

Hope you found these tips helpful!

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