A Look At Grammar Girl

Today, I took a look at Mignon Fogarty’s Grammar Girl website and read some of her posts on punctuation. One particular post that I found interesting was her post, “Dashes Versus Colons.” As a writer, I often times find myself asking whether or not I should use a dash or a colon in many of my blog posts or even term papers for school. When reading Fogarty’s post, I learned that the use of colons signifies a more relaxed break in a sentence than that of a dash. A colon introduces the break in the sentence, whereas the dash just gives a blunt end to the beginning of the sentence and “tells the reader to get ready for some important or dramatic statement.” I will definitely be using the information I read in Fogarty’s blog post in the future and keep replaying these helpful hints in the back of my mind.

Along with helpful grammar hints, I also found some of Fogarty’s posts witty and amusing. For example, her post on using the proper grammar when typing the name of “The Situation” from MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” I think that when correcting people, even in a light area such as grammar and punctuation, it’s important to use humor and common interests to grab readers’ attention. It’s clever of Fogarty to zero in on a pop culture phenomenon such as “Jersey Shore,” because it gives readers incentive to read her blog by using a subject that attracts a certain age group (16-25).

After glancing over some of Fogarty’s blog posts and podcasts, I can see why her blog attracts so much attention. It is easy to read, helpful, and up-to-date information that is incredibly necessary today because of the way in which internet use has lessened the need to understand how to use grammar and punctuation without help from automatic sources.



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