“What’s Your State the Worst At?”

Check out this blog post by Jeff Wysaski on his blog, Pleated Jeans, that gives a list of every state in America and what they are considered the “worst” at individually. I’m from Connecticut, which apparently is the state with the highest rates of breast cancer. Look up your state (listed alphabetically), and tell me what you find out about the place you call home!

A photograph of Connecticut in the fall of 2010, taken by myself


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3 responses to ““What’s Your State the Worst At?”

  1. I loved this post! It was just really entertaining to see. I’m from good ol’ Florida so we are worst at Identity Theft. Honestly, I’m surprised that Massachusetts is “Worst Drivers” rather than Florida. Since we have such huge retired population. The one that made me laugh was North Dakota: “Ugliest Residents”. I have never been there but I’m curious to go now. Anyways, thanks for the post! I’m definitely going to share this.

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  3. I thought this was hilarious. It’s interesting to look at all these states and see things that are true about them that we already stereotype. I’m from New York so I thought it was funny that we earned the “worst commute to work” that is so true! I’m definitely going to share this one with family and friends!

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