Basketball Fans Warned Against Rioting

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If any of you readers are college basketball fans, then you may know that the University of Maryland Men’s Basketball fans are known for their unruly behavior when it comes to big games, especially those versus Duke University. Personally, I am a huge Duke basketball fan and have been for as long as I remember. On Twitter, I follow DukeBasketball, which gives “coverage of Duke Basketball from The Chronicle, Duke’s independent daily student newspaper.”

Duke had a game at Maryland on Wednesday, the second, and the the Duke basketball Twitter account tweeted a very interesting link. It was a copy of a e-mail from Maryland’s Vice President of student affairs, Linda Clement, reminding them that the acts of “fire setting, vandalism, and other destructive acts on campus” performed last year after Maryland beat Duke at home, are not acceptable in the eyes of administration.

Thankfully (for Duke fans and the University of Maryland campus), Duke won the basketball game on Wednesday night, making fan-riots less of a concern for the University.

Check out the e-mail here.




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One response to “Basketball Fans Warned Against Rioting

  1. I’m a Duke fan too! I went to their basketball camp back in middle school; I got to meet Coach K, and J.J. Redick, all those guys! Wow, you are right though about Duke winning that game, I’m surprised that the students at Maryland can get away with that kind of stuff!

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