What Would You Do?

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Sometimes I try to think about what I would do if I worked for a public relations organization and someone copied content from our blog. Of course, I hope I would be able to rely on a good crisis management team in order to tackle the situation in the right way and as soon as possible. First, I would look at the information and decide whether or not it is in fair use or falls under infringement. If the act is considered infringement, I would then turn to my legal aids for the organization I work for. These lawyers should have a general knowledge of public relations and be able to keep up with the situation.

My legal consults would hopefully be able to help me to remedy the situation and find a reasonable way to prosecute those who copied the information from the blog. In this case, it really would depend on exactly what is copied from the blog and in what context it is used. If someone had little to no knowledge on copyright laws and the fact that my organization’s blog was protected under copyright then I would most likely want to give them a “pass” including an apology and removing the information from their website.

However, if there was malicious intent from those who copied the information, I would take different action that would heavily involve the legal council and making sure that reparations be made. I would consider malicious intent to be trying to sell the information or using the information for a class and saying that it was their own work. There is a difference between incorrectly attributing information and claiming information as your own, and that is how I would make my decision on how to move forward in a situation of copyright infringement. What would you do?


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