Poynter, Not Just for News University

A website that I have frequently linked to on this blog is News University from Poynter. However, Poynter is useful for so much more than just the incredibly helpful News University!

What I learned after doing some more reasearch on Poynter’s website is that they offer many training courses, both in person and online. Just a few courses that are available for application now are the High School Writers Workshop, Building a Successful Social Media Strategy, and Elements of Design. Many of the courses they offer could definitely help you to gain knowledge and experience in areas that you may not have had the chance to in college. On top of that, they have special guest speaker Bob Woodward coming to speak at the Poynter Institute on March 15, 2011.

Poynter also offers a place on their website for aspiring journalist and public relations professionals to search for current job listings in their field. As well as a place to post their resumes in order for possible future employers to be able take a first look at their experience and education.

The Poynter website is very easy to navigate and includes many helpful pages such as this one, which helps you to keep up with what kind of speaking engagements are being held at Poynter. These events “help members of the community better understand issues surrounding journalism and the people who produce it on behalf of their communities.”

Overall, Poynter is a great institute for journalists, public relations professionals, and media junkies alike who are looking for information, education, and possibilities for the future.







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