My Latest From NewsU

Since the start of 2011, I have completed a few new courses from Poynter’s News University. One of these courses that I found particularly helpful was “Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style, & More.” One of the most helpful sections of this course for me was the “Style” section. I am relatively new to AP Style and this section gave me a good overview of all of the important rules that apply to addresses, ages, abbreviations, capitalization, dates, distances, interstates, money, and numbers. Of course, I have an AP Stylebook that I can reference for all of these subjects, but it was helpful to have a quick introduction to all of these subjects in once place, without having to flip through the pages of a book.

I loved the organization of this course and the way that it gave you examples of each subject to work on at the end of each section. I am both a visual and a hands-on person. So in order for an online course to be effective for me it has to be both aesthetically pleasing and give me exercises to work on to allow me to put into action what I have just learned. I especially enjoyed how this course tells you how many mistakes are in a sentence so that you know how much you have to correct.

After completing this course, I realized that something I would like to learn more about is Punctuation. So in the future I might take a course that is more focused on that subject as opposed to this one which focused on many other subjects on top of punctuation.

As always, NewsU was incredibly helpful to me and allowed me to learn a lot outside of the classroom and on my laptop.






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