Everything You Need To Know About HARO

“Help A Reporter”, otherwise known as HARO, is a North American social media service founded in 2008 by Peter Shankman. On a daily basis, HARO ” brings nearly 30,000 reporters and bloggers, over 100,000 news sources and thousands of small businesses together to tell their stories, promote their brands and sell their products and services.” HARO is independently owned and free to all users.

For me, the most interesting thing that HARO offers to users is the place on the website made for journalists to submit queries. Essentially, if you need reliable sources and you’re on limited time, the website will send you the matches for the sources you need in order to write your story. Also, HARO offers another place for journalists and reporters to give each other feedback (constructive criticism) on news pitches.

HARO could be useful to PR practitioners in an incredibly beneficial way. When you are on a deadline and writing a news release, the website could help you find exactly what you’re looking for as far as sources go. Also, it can act as a proof-reader in a sense when trying to come up with story ideas and news-worthy content. Most importantly, HARO can use your company as one of its sources and you may find yourself being quoted in a major newspaper or magazine. You can’t beat the fact that there are thousands of professionals online every single day at HARO waiting to help you in your reporting endeavors.

All in all, HARO is a reliable, independent and up-and-coming social media site for journalists and PR professionals that I can’t wait to be a part of one day.


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