It’s Friday?

If you don’t have a Twitter account or check out the latest YouTube videos very often, then you may be fortunate enough to have never heard of Rebecca Black or her new song “Friday.” Unfortunately for you, I’m about to make that happen. Currently, I can’t even remember the last day “Rebecca Black” wasn’t on the top trending topics on Twitter or my Facebook newsfeed wasn’t riddled with her lyrics. Check out the video and let me know what you think!


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4 responses to “It’s Friday?

  1. I do not get the hype about this song to be honest. If it is for humor, I do not even get the humor. This is not funny, neither is it creative. I am not a fan and wish that people would stop talking about her. haha. I do not usually look at YouTube so I was exposed to this video by many of my classmates.

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  3. I actually think Rebecca Black may be a PR genius! Although the song and video stink, her youtube video has gone viral! If she was actually good, I highly doubt she would have gotten this many hits. There are plenty of decently good singers out there with music videos. She got her wish. She is famous. And the public is fueling it. But I think her fame will be short lived, unless she can actually start producing quality stuff.

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