Should Jay-Z Be Fined?

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This past weekend after the University of Kentucky’s win over the University of North Carolina to advance to the final four in the Men’s NCAA College Basketball tournament, the wildcats were greeted by a surprise guest on their way into the locker room–Jay-Z. The problem with this? Jay-Z is part-owner of the New Jersey Nets and Kentucky has a few players that may be lottery picks in this year’s NBA draft. The question is, should Jay-Z be fined as part-owner of the Nets for fraternizing with the players? The act in itself looks generally innocent, although you have to wonder what Jay-Z’s intentions were, considering the fact that he is not a known die-hard Kentucky fan.

Check out the footage here.



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3 responses to “Should Jay-Z Be Fined?

  1. Hmm, that’s a sticky situation. Of course being that he’s Jay-Z, he would most likely get away with it because he’s a celebrity. It’s kind of suspicious as to why he was there if he if he’s part owner of the Nets. I feel like even if he was fined, he could fined some loop hole out of it.

  2. emmyjoy

    That IS a sticky situation. I wonder if he thought ahead of time what other would think of this action! He didn’t out rightly do anything wrong it seems. But the appearance of what it is, seems fishy. I’m sure the Nets were somewhat offended.

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