The Value of Podcasts for PR Students

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If you read my blog in the fall of last year, you may remember when I wrote about The Creative Career, a podcast by Allie Osmar. If not, let me fill you in:  Osmar generally writes about the changes involved in the transition from being a student to being a professional in the communications world. She also gives tips on how to prepare for that professional world of communication arts, one that is changing every day. She accomplishes both of these things by interviewing successful professionals in the communications field and by posting podcasts online of her interviews.

This week I listened to a few of her podcasts and the one that I enjoyed the most has to be her interview with Elizabeth Wargele, co-author of “The Career Within You:  How to Find the Perfect Job For Your Personality.” In the book she, “discusses the nine personality types based on differing personal motivations—and how discovering your own personality type can help you find the career that’s right for you (or work with others in the career you already have).” In the interview, Wargele encourages high school and college students to read the book to help “get to know [themselves] and find [their] true selves.” She discusses three of the nine personality types–the perfectionist, the helper, the romantic, the adventurer or the observer. The personality types are determined by the motivation of the person. Are you moralistic (perfectionist), eager to help (helper), artistic, an explorer (adventurer) or do you like to watch and learn (observer)? She encourages recent grads to “stay with [yourself] and don’t let someone sway you to do something you don’t want to do.”

After listening to PR and communications oriented podcasts, I have to say that I think they are an incredibly valuable resource for PR students. Obviously, any interviews with successful business people, communications people or PR professionals will help students by giving them a picture of success and how to get there. Also, it’s a unique opportunity to be able to actually listen to an interview, as opposed to reading an article in which a journalist may have changed around an interview or put a different spin on the professional’s words. I see podcasts as another way to learn, which students can never get enough of.



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  1. I really enjoyed this post. After reading it, I want to listen to the podcast that you mentioned about the interview with Elizabeth Wargele. I think books like that are interesting and can provide students with direction once they know where their strengths and weaknesses lie. I’ve never listened to any of The Creative Career podcasts, but I want to start since they seem like such valuable resources for students.

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