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Disney Pixar & Another Sequel

Apparently Disney Pixar was so impressed with the feedback from Toy Story 3 that they decided to produce a sequel to their 2006 animated film, “Cars.” Disney Pixar releases one film a year, and personally I look forward to their releases with great expectations. Having said that, “Cars” is one of my least favorite Disney Pixar collaborations and I am disappointed that I’ll have to wait two more years instead of just one for a new instant favorite animated film.

Check out the trailer here:



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How To Do Business in England

Last week in my Public Relations Applications class, we participated in an exercise to learn about business etiquette in countries that we had never been to. My partner and I researched England, here are a few tips for conducting business there:

  1. Avoid wearing striped ties, most British regimental ties are striped and you may look like you are trying to imitate them.
  2. Shake hands with whoever you’re conducting business with, unless it’s a woman. If so, wait for her to initiate the hand-shake.
  3. Do not give gifts at your business meetings, they are not a part of business in England.
  4. Respect personal space and don’t ask personal questions.
  5. Do not rush the business man or woman you meet with to come to a decision on whatever subject you have discussed, the process is much slower in England than in the United States.

Hope you found these tips helpful!

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The McRib is Back

McDonald’s Restaurant has brought back an old favorite–the

McRib Sandwich. Personally, I have never tasted a McRib before,

but apparently this sandwich is good enough to miss when it’s not on

the menu and now it’s back by popular demand. I heard about it

via all of my social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) and

even the Yahoo home page.  Have you ever eaten a McRib?




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The Majority Rules–The GOP Takes Back the House

The ballots are in, and the GOP has taken back the majority in the House of Representatives.

Watch this video of President Obama’s reaction to the Democratic Party’s defeat.

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A Great Blog Made by a Fellow Student

Although only I have to write on this blog for my Public Relations Applications class, there are other students who have blogs of their own. One of my favorites is by my classmate, Rachel LaFlam. Her blog, “Mid Day Coffee Break,” has a great theme and she keeps it interesting with YouTube videos and pictures in most of her posts. The posts from Rachel’s blog that I find most helpful are her notes from our text book. She gives in depth bullet points and covers every important base from the chapter. My favorite post of hers would have to be her interview with Paull Young, the public relations consultant from Charity Water. Click this link and check out her blog!


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Jennifer Villamil, Southeastern Graduate & Public Relations Pro

Where does a successful career in Public Relations begin? More importantly, where does it go from there? These are questions that can be answered by recent college graduate and Public Relations professional Jennifer Villamil.

Villamil is a 2008 graduate of Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. She majored in Journalism & Public Relations there with a minor in Pastoral Ministry, although that was not the original plan. Villamil says, “I actually stumbled across this University in looking through an Assemblies of God magazine at my church. At first [I was] interested in pursuing Pastoral Ministry but then decided to go with Public Relations because of my passion for it.”

This passion stemmed from Villamil being a self-proclaimed “planner by nature.” She recalls researching careers as a junior in high school and realizing that Public Relations was the one that fit her personality the most. She says, “Talking to people, planning, writing, reading, were all things I enjoyed so I was determined to major in something I would enjoy doing and also something that could be weaved into ministry.” Fortunately, Public Relations fits the bill on all of those accounts.

After choosing Public Relations as a major and future vocation, Villamil became a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and remains a member to this day. Of the association, she says, “It’s a great organization that provides tools, resources, and tons of networking opportunities in the industry, and I highly recommend it.”

Villamil’s first internship came from a small Public Relations boutique called Green Olive Media, located in Atlanta, Georgia, which she completed after her first semester in college. She comments on the internship saying, “It was one of the best first-hand experiences I had because I literally did a little bit of everything. It wasn’t the stereotypical intern position that made coffee and ran errands. I was in all client meetings, wrote, researched, and built great industry relationships.”

A few short years after that, Villamil received her first official job in Public Relations, while she was still attending Southeastern, as a Public Relations coordinator for a magazine based out of Miami, Florida. She wanted to work in the field as much as she possibly could throughout her college career, both through the University and freelance projects. She adds, “Books can only teach so much, hands-on experience is always better and the most relevant.”

Today, Villamil works for Porter Novelli, an international Public Relations agency, in their Ft. Lauderdale, Florida office as an Account Executive. She currently serves on a team that develops and implements communications efforts for clients based out of Latin America. She further explains her job as “anything from writing and distributing press releases, managing media relation efforts, research, creative brainstorming, and essentially making sure the client is represented and communicated to consumers in the most effective way.”

So far in her career, Villamil says she has encountered “many great moments,” but her greatest accomplishment was her involvement with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), when she was asked to “develop a campaign that would cater to doctors, parents, and organizations that would teach and inform them on how to communicate the child development process.” Of the experience, Villamil says, “Seeing the results and our target audience (parents) testify of how helpful and life-changing the campaign materials were made all the hard work worth it.”

Like any Public Relations professional, Villamil says that no day in the field is the same as the day before. She adds, “Literally every day I’m doing something different with the exception of some consistent tasks that we provide for our clients such as writing a daily or weekly newsletter or providing a weekly status e-mail on major projects.”

At the end of the day, this rewarding, hectic, and sometimes unpredictable job is exactly what Villamil wants to be doing. Although she may get out of the corporate setting one day, and take on a Public Relations role for a church or non-profit organization, she is exactly where she belongs. Villamil says, “I definitely see myself working in Public Relations forever.” Having said that, confidence and assurance, as well as harboring a genuinely optimistic attitude are clearly three things that this Public Relations professional excels at.

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Chilean Miners Resurfacing…

Check out this video news story about the miners in Chile.



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